Will I lose control during hypnosis?

During hypnosis, you are always aware of what you are doing. Just like in the waking state, you can reflect questions and choose to answer or share only what you want to say.

The more a person learns to know themselves and handle their emotions, the better they can control their emotions. As a result, their perception of reality can change positively because they can consciously shape their own life.

Will I remember everything after hypnosis?

Certainly, you can remember everything that happens during hypnosis afterward. Remembering is essential and desired because the positive experiences, insights, and new possibilities experienced during hypnosis should help to bring positive changes to your life afterward.

Can suggestions be implanted in me during hypnosis?

Since, like in the waking state, you can evaluate the therapist’s suggestions under hypnosis, clients naturally only follow the suggestions that feel appropriate and align with their value systems.

Can hypnosis make a symptom “disappear”?

Hypnosis primarily offers tools, possibilities, and insights to independently cope with one’s own issues, problems, and demands in everyday life. In hypnosis, the therapist functions more like a tour guide, leading through uncharted territory. The goal is to become sufficiently familiar with one’s inner self, enabling the regaining of sufficient control over the desired aspects of life.